Surrey Park’s A-Z of Useful Things to Know.

Absences: We ask that you notify the centre if your child is going to be absent.  For children under 3 years old who are not on a subsidised fee, the following credits are available:  For bookings over 30 hours the equivalent of 20 days credit may be applied for; for bookings between 24 – 30 hours, the equivalent of 15 days credit may be applied for and for children with less than 21 hours the equivalent of 10 days credit may be applied for. 


Authorised Adult:  For the protection of your child, staff can only release children into the care of adults specified on the enrolment forms.  For safety reasons we will be very strict about this.  Keep this in mind when completing your emergency contact details.  These need to be people that are most likely to be able to collect in the event of an emergency (such as an earthquake that might prevent you from getting here yourself).


Bi-Culturalism: The learning environment reflects that New Zealand’s society is based on the Treaty of Waitangi.  All children are given the opportunity to develop knowledge and understanding of the cultural heritages of all partners to the Treaty of Waitangi.  Children are helped to gain positive awareness of their own and other’s cultures.


Birthday Celebrations:  Please discuss with the teachers if you wish to celebrate your child’s birthday in a special way.


Civil Defence:  In the event of a civil defence emergency,Civil Defence authorities may require us to evacuate to a civil defence site:  Stadium Southland. If an evacuation is  required a notice will be left at the centre advising you of the children’s location.


Clothing: Please consider your child’s comfort when dressing your child for a day at the centre.  Provide clothes that are easily washed and suitable for both inside and outside play.  We ask that you bring a jacket, hat, gloves and gumboots/strong shoes in winter,  and a sunhat, shorts and light top in summer. These spare clothing items can be left at the centre. Please make sure you name all clothing and shoes clearly.  (Many families are using the same shops as you)


Education Review Office: Approximately every 3 years the centre is visited by the ERO team. Copies of the reports can be obtained at the office or by clicking on  Surrey Park Early Learning Centre .


Emergency Closure:  Situations sometimes arise that lead to an emergency closure of the centre.  Extreme weather conditions, loss of heat, power or water may force us to close and in such events you will need to collect your child from the centre.  We will use email or txt to notify of any emergency situation.


Hours of operation: The centre opens at 7.30am and closes at 5.30pm.  The centre is open all year except for the annual shut-down period over Christmas /New Year for about 3 weeks.  We do not open for Statutory Holidays.  We observe Southland Anniversary Day on Easter Tuesday.  Parents are advised of these closed times in the newsletters.


Lost Property: please check the Lost property boxes regularly.  Clothing that has not been claimed after a term is donated to charity groups.


Meals: The principle of whanaungatanga in which we build relationships through shared experiences applies to our meal times where we sit down to share the mid-day meal together. We aim to provide a well-balanced healthy menu with a focus on fresh foods. The centre menu is checked by a dietitian. Morning tea, afternoon tea and late afternoon tea consist of crackers with cheese, muffins, scones or sandwiches and fruit. There is a cooked mid-day meal with a hot main.  All baby requirements need to be provided by the parent. The cost of meals is included in the fee rate.  For safety reasons we are a nut free zone. Allergies need to be advised and noted on the enrolment form.  We will do our best to support with the provision of suitable foods.

The menu is displayed in the rooms, it can also be viewed under Kitchen News.


Ministry of Education: As a licensed centre we receive government funding.  The amount and details of our expenditure are displayed on the parent notice board. The Ministry also check our compliance to the regulations through their licensing procedures.


Opening Times: We also ask you to respect our opening time of 7.30am.  Preparation time for the teachers is very important and allows staff to set up safely before the children are in the rooms. Late Pickup Fee: A late fee of $10.00 may be charged for children who are continually collected after their booked times.  If you are running late, please give us a call so that we can adjust our staffing ratios. 


Signing In / out: Each time you collect or leave your child you must sign the attendance sheets because:

  1.  It is our attendance roll in the event of an emergency
  2. It is a Ministry of Education requirement that parents verify the times they are using
  3. It enables us to calculate the fees and the Ministry of Education funding correctly

Special & Diverse Needs.  If your child has special needs we will work with you to access support from the advisory network


Toys from Home: We usually discourage toys from home as they can be easily lost and may get broken.  However we are happy to see special toys which may ease the transition into the centre.  These will be put in a special place in case they are needed for sleep times, or upsets.  Please note that we cannot be responsible for any damage or loss.


Transition: Children will take their own time to settle and feel comfortable about being left at the centre.    To make this process as easy as possible for all involved we suggest this transition should be a gradual process.  We recommend an initial visit, and then when the booking has been confirmed, at least two more visits.  We always ask that the parent /caregiver/whanau member says goodbye when they leave rather than slipping away, as children often find the discovery of you gone more upsetting than the upset they may feel when farewelling you.


Work & Income Subsidies.  Please check with WINZ to see if you are eligible for a subsidy.



Important Policies and Procedures