Hot off the Press!!

EDUCATION REVIEW OFFICE: The confirmed report from the Education Review Office is now available on line from the website.


SHARE & EXCHANGE:  We have a Share & Exchange Community Hub. This is in the hallway off the office where we have placed a large cane basket and shelves.  If you have items in good working order that you no longer need, you can place them in the basket or on the shelves for others to help themselves to. This is not a financial undertaking - just a chance to pass on items that are no longer of use to you but may be useful to others. 


Fund Raising

Fund Raising sub-Committee:  If you wish to support our committee in some or all the projects, email or let the office know.

 While we are fortunate to have such a spacious building and site, this means we are also faced with significant property projects to help us adapt the building to be better equipped for our tamariki. Our fund raising team work hard to help us fund the extras that we need.

Current Fund Raiser:   Any suggestions on ways to raise money will be gratefully received.




Centres News Letters
Governance News

Our new committee for this year: Rachael Hewton is the President of our Governance Committee: Other committee members are:  Chloe Cunningham, Mel McCormack, Karen Gill, Lorna Allott, Kylie Tecofsky, Lauren Wilson, Samantha Sproat.

The strategic goals for 2021-2023  we aspire to:

* Have effective communication systems with children, whanau, staff and stakeholders (upgraded technology, Facebook & community presence)  

* Support teachers to be current in their knowledge for quality teaching - embedded code of professional responsibility and standards, embedded 2017 Te Whaariki, and robust appraisal process to ensure best learning outcomes for our children.

* Develop our spacious environment to facilitate consistent quality opportunities for children with an emphasis on "things natural"

Kitchen News

From time to time we have food left over at lunch times.  We are going to pack the leftovers up and put them in the fridge/freezer in the whanau room- by the kitchen.   If you know you are going to have a very hectic day, with not much time for getting a meal ready, you can take a look in the fridge/freezer and check out if there is something in there for you to take home.